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Dr Shahzad Shah is a UK-trained Consultant Urologist with nearly two decades of experience and expertise in diagnosing all urological conditions, benign and malignant. He is adept at managing patients with difficulties in passing or holding onto urine, concerns regarding urological cancers, detecting blood in urine, swellings around the genital region, conditions such as impotence, and kidney or urinary stones.


He began his career in Southeast London at Guys & St Thomas’s and Medway Maritime Hospitals NHS Trust and completed a fellowship in Female and Functional Urology and Men’s health at St James Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in Leeds, Yorkshire. He later held a significant position as a Consultant Urological Surgeon at Southend University Hospitals NHS Trust and subsequently at West Herts Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in 2014. At West Herts, he led the Urology Core functional and female urology and urodynamics unit and took the role of departmental lead for governance and risk.

His educational qualifications are notable, with him being a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the Intercollegiate Board, UK, and the European Board of Urology.


Dr Shahzad Shah’s subspecialist interest lies in disorders of urinary flow, such as urgency and urinary leakage. He is proficient in urodynamics, which involves pressure studies to identify bladder disorders. Additionally, he is skilled in bladder outflow surgery for men with prostate-related issues, providing various treatment options. He has contributed significantly to the medical community with numerous publications and reviews for many medical journals. Furthermore, he is an active International Continence Society (ICS) member.


Special Interests:

  • Urodynamic investigations for bladder disorders
  • Bladder outflow obstruction investigation and treatment, including Bipolar transurethral resection and the minimally invasive steam treatment of prostate
  • Investigations for blood in urine, visible and invisible
  • Genital area swellings, including scrotum and testis
  • Overactive bladder investigation and treatment, including intravesical botox
  • Investigation and treatment for stress urinary incontinence in females
  • Investigations for concerns regarding urological cancers
  • Ureteric and bladder stone management


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