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Camilla graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2000 as an Occupational Therapist. Before coming to Dubai she worked for private companies in the areas of Office Ergonomics, Workplace Rehabilitation, Occupational Health & Safety, Injury Management, and Ergonomics and Manual Handling Training. She started working in Dubai in 2012, joined the Dubai Physiotherapy and Family Medicine Clinic in 2018 and started with King’s College Hospital London in 2020.

Her main areas of interest include ergonomics and human factors, work related musculoskeletal disorders and workplace safety.

Whilst working in Dubai she has helped numerous employees to correctly adjust their workstation and desk set up. She has also worked with businesses to provide advice on ergonomic office equipment, to identify injury risk areas and to train staff in correct office ergonomics and manual handling.

To compliment her work skills Camilla has completed certificates in training and assessment and in safety management auditing.

Outside of work Camilla plays Touch Rugby and has an interest in sports first aid.


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