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Nikolaos Karaziakos is a Greece-trained physiotherapist with nearly 13 years of experience in musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation.

Nikolaos began his career in a family-owned private physiotherapy centre in Athens, Greece, focusing on musculoskeletal disorders and postoperative orthopaedic rehabilitation. He eventually expanded his expertise at Appoloneio Rehabilitation Center’s Neurology-Neurosurgery-Emergency Unit clinics and further diversified at Excellency Physio Center in Dubai, where for six years, he specialised in sports rehabilitation and myofascial techniques for both professional and amateur athletes. During the critical year of 2020, Nikolaos worked at the American Hospital in Dubai, addressing the complex needs of COVID patients in the ICU and inpatient ward, focusing on respiratory system complications, myopathy, and neuropathy, followed by 3.5 years of treating outpatient neuro and musculoskeletal cases. Nikolaos holds a BSc in Physiotherapy from Thessaloniki University, Greece. His academic journey includes multiple courses enhancing his physiotherapy education, equipping him with a robust foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of physiotherapy.

Additionally, Nikolaos has garnered recognition for his innovative approaches in physiotherapy. His expertise is not only in treating patients but also in adopting and adapting new methodologies and technologies in physiotherapy. His background as a former basketball player has given him unique insights into sports injuries and rehabilitation.


Special Interest:

  • Sports injuries rehabilitation
  • Neuro injuries rehabilitation
  • Pre and post-operative rehabilitation and education
  • Pain management
  • KT and sport taping
  • Chinese Acupuncture
  • Dry needling
  • Ergon mobilisation
  • Kinetic flossing
  • Mulligan practitioner
  • Clinical Pilates instructor
  • Myofascial cupping


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