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Mr. Seokyoung has been specialised in orthopaedic(spine) physiotherapy since 2008. After graduating from Shin-gu college in South Korea, he continued his study at NILE(National Institute for Lifelong Education) and he was granted a bachelor degree in physiotherapy.

He started his experiences in Wooridul Spine hospital in Seoul, South Korea from 2008 to 2012. During this time, he gained experience for treating spine diseases such as HNP(herniated Nucleus Pulposus), Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Scoliosis and Chronic lower back pain, etc.

He moved to Jakarta, Indonesia from 2012 and he worked at SW rehabilitation center until 2016. He also acquired experience about orthopaedic problems. After that, he moved to Dubai, he joined again at Wooridul Spine Center, Dubai.

He has special interests in spine diseases like disk related problems, acute and chronic lower back pain, scoliosis and posture.

He trained DNS(Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization A,B) at Finland and Czech Republic, Redcord education program Neurac1 and KEMA(Kinetic Ergocise based on Movement Analysis) in South Korea.

He is a registered/licensed physiotherapist with the DHA, MOHW(Ministry of Health and Welfare) of South Korea, one of the regular member of KAOMPT(Korea Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical therapy), he is also qualified as Specialized in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist.


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