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welcome to the Kings podcast season 2

I’m your host manasse and this is my

co-host Danielle today we are here with

Brianna so influencer brand manager at

fade fit theing star married to Chris

fade newly pregnant how are you I’m good

I’m good thank you for having me thank

you so much for coming on the podcast

CHR so first time pregnancy how has it

been so far it’s been amazing it’s um

it’s such a blessing to be honest you

know I mean I Wish I Was Pregnant you

know a lot earlier um but you know we’re

here now and it’s been amazing I think

I’ve been lucky I haven’t had any

morning sickness anything any weird

Cravings so it’s been it’s been kind of

a breeze actually oh my god well lucky

cuz that’s one of the things I was going

to ask you no Cravings at all nothing

the only thing I’m craving but maybe

it’s just the Mexican in me is like

spicy food so I’m I’m not supposed to

eat it because of you know the heartburn

and inest reflux but I’ve been lucky so

I’ve been you’re delivering at Kings

with the lovely Dr ARA we love her it

must be really difficult to find

obstetrician that you want to choose for

the length of your pregnancy um how do

you choose how would you recommend

people choose so actually my original

OBGYN Dr Ibraham who’s also here at

Kings recommended me to her so I didn’t

have to shop around much I think when we

and my husband Chris met her it was just

kind of like instant we you know fell in

love with her felt really comfortable so

she comes from the UK so I knew that she

had you know a great uh teaching and

understanding plus she’s a highrisk

opgyn which I’m you know I fall under

that category so I felt super

comfortable with her yeah we wanted to

ask about that because in debing you U

mentioned that you have hyperthyroidism

um could you tell us a bit more about

that like what is it yeah so it was a

few years ago now I don’t suffer from it

anymore but a few years ago I just

randomly had heart

palpitations and I felt my heart beating

so fast that it kept me up at night it’s

just like a sudden awareness of your of

your heartbeat and it’s you you don’t

normally feel feel it right it’s like

breathing you just kind of you know it’s

just there and you don’t feel it besides

the heart palpitations I remember going

to the gym one day and just feeling

completely weak week and you know I was

very active at that time and I just

couldn’t even do one deadlift and I was

it was just like 10 minutes into my

workout so I was like okay there’s

something wrong so that’s when I went to

the doctors and they told me that my I

had a thyroid issue and it was Graves

disease after that I went to a few

different doctors cuz I just wanted to

see what the best treatment was for me

so I spoke to actually three different

doctors got three different opinions I

was told to to go on medication another

doctor told me to you know change my

diet be gluten-free and then another one

kind of gave me some herbal remedies to

take so I kind of took all three advice

yeah just it changed my life just for a

year and after that I was you know free

of graves disease oh well that’s amazing

so it is something that can go away with

time like if you just follow like

doctor’s advice and medications and

whatnot yeah I mean it’s I think it’s

different for other people and other

women or other men who suffer from it

but for me I think I got lucky that I

was you know only have to deal with it

for about a year that’s really good so

what actually happens during it you were

your hormones all over the place is that

what happens yeah so I actually started

losing a lot of weight my hair was

falling off and um yeah just a bit crazy

at the time as well so I knew there was

something wrong so with the graves

disease was it the medication that was

stopping you from um getting pregnant

yes it was so my doctor told me that

during that time to you know restrict

from trying to get pregnant so for that

whole year plus the 6 months after cuz I

needed to get it out of my system I

wasn’t able to get pregnant I wanted to

get pregnant at that time so it just

delayed the process and then I actually

went back to the doctors after I was in

the clear from the medication but then

was told that I had a fibroid which then

delayed my journey even more so is the

fibroid what classes your pregnancy as

highrisk yes so I had to have a keyhole

surgery with Dr Ibrahim here at Kings I

had an amazing experience with him that

held off me trying to get pregnant for a

few more months as well because the

fibroid was in the uterus so they had to

you know cut my uterus take out the

fibroid and this is also the reason why

I have to have a C-section when I

deliver oh interesting interesting so

how are you feeling about the the

delivery so when I was actually told

that I had a fibroid I was a bit

hesitant to get it out because I wanted

to have a natural delivery like I wanted

this is my first child I want to like

fill it all right like I want to go

through the whole experience I would

have probably even considered like a

natural like completely like a water

birth like if I could like just to fill

everything but again I went to different

doctors got different opinions and they

said that I have to have this fibroid

out so I want to have a a child because

of the position that it was in it was

like right center of the uterus and if I

were to have a natural birth with that

fibroid in or even a C-section it would

have been very very risk risky for me

and the baby well now we’re all

celebrating that you are pregant thank

you thank you finally and is it seven

months now I’m seven months today

actually so into my into my third

trimester thank you you’ve had your baby

show show so we did we I had a baby

shower back in Los Angeles so during the

summer I went home and um it was I mean

I don’t even say baby shower it’s just a

party because we had met you know had my

all all my family there it was like plus

to 100 people there so just a big big

celebration yeah yeah I love so have you

got name

ideas we do we are toying around with a

couple names I feel like it’s such a big

decision like such a hard thing to think

on is it is but I’ve been thinking of

names for you know for such a long time

so okay you knew you

knew so we wanted to say you’re a busy

woman you are a businesswoman a brand

manager a wife pregnant at the same time

um how do you juggle everything and also

building a house right now which is

consuming so much of my time you just do

it you know I think you just I mean for

me I’m lucky enough that I am brand

manager and part owner or a fade fit so

wherever my laptop is is my work so I

can you know I’m working from home right

now with my feet up which is great and

we have a great team for fade fit so

things run you know even without me

having to be always like checked in the

building the house though that’s it’s

taking a lot of my time um there’s so

there’s so many moving Parts with that

in terms of the construction interior

lighting AC like it’s everybody told me

just you know that it was going to you

know envelop my whole life and it

definitely has it’s you know it’s our

first house it’s our dream home as a

family so very excited so I’m like I’m

all for it and um yeah just and I work

with my husband too so it’s um you know

I get to spend a lot of time with him

that so it’s it’s been great yeah I feel

like you have a lot of fun together as

well we do we do yeah do you have a

expected time for the house to be ready

so um well you know I’m I’m due November

end of November and we wanted to be in

there before the baby came but I don’t

you know things happen you know with

permits and delays and and this and that

so I think we might be in there like

closer to the end of the year so maybe a

Scorpio or Sagittarius baby yes yeah I

think a Sagittarius yeah


okay okay so you have a dog I saw on

your Instagram yes did could your dog

tell that you were pregnant you know

what I’m not too sure I have two dogs

actually two little Pomeranians they’re

my babies my fur babies for now I don’t

know I’m not too sure there’s nothing I

mean they love me already you know they

always want attention they always want

to like be on me um and I feel like

maybe a little bit more so now but um

I’m excited to see I don’t know you know

to be honest I don’t know if they’re

going to either be like super jealous or

very protective I’m not not sure how

it’s going to turn out when my sister

was pregnant my dog would know so

whenever we used to Bath she would never

ever get in the bath and then as soon as

my sister was pregnant she would let her

pick her up she would do everything like

she just instinctively knew that I don’t

know she was carrying a child and she

needed to be like careful with her so I

feel like dogs are great yeah it’ll be

exciting to see how they are with the

baby so we like to and the podcast by

asking Our Guest um a secret so we would

like to know what is your secret for

managing pregnancy do you have any like

top tips anything you’d want to share

with other like newly pregnant moms it’s

it’s my first pregnancy you know like

managing a business and building a house

and being a wife you know it’s it’s all

new to me like you know having

everything at once and juggling it all

so I don’t know I think the secret is

just just do it you know and just kind

of go with the flow live in the moment

and you know I mean it day by day take

it day by day exactly exactly thank you

so much for coming on the podcast thanks

for talking to us thank you so much for

having me thank you for tuning in and

watching this episode and we hope to

catch you in the next one


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