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Small changes make a new you!

Do you know the feeling when the new year’s resolutions start to face reality? All the things that you wanted to change but your daily life is catching up and unfortunately it is still as demanding as before?

Well there is something that you can consider:  Start with a small change in your life and it can help you go way further. Says Dr. Timm Wolter, Plastic Surgeon at King’s College: I have very seen that it only needs a little step as kick start to change your life completely.

So it can be a small procedure that helps you make the big step ahead this year. Dr. Timm: “Plastic Surgery is a relatively young specialty and we are constantly learning new things. Our techniques are evolving and we are integrating all kinds of different treatments. For example new technical developments in liposuction, combined with pre- and aftercare with non-surgical body shaping and a recommendation for supplements before and after your surgery. “

The aim is always to get you back to your normal life as painless, hassle-free and as soon as possible. But safety remains the paramount issue. Today, plastic surgery is actually very safe. Many procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, this goes up to having a small facelift and be able to spend the night at home in your own bed. A nurse can accompany you to keep you worry free.

But do not always look for the big cut. The small things can make the difference. The secret to successful and not obvious plastic surgery is maintenance and many small steps. If you start when your face is just beginning to change you can enhance your looks without anybody noticing and without invasive surgery. In short: Don’t wait until you look old, do something against looking tired.

“Sometimes female customers come to me and tell me that they have waited for 10 years or more until the children were grown up enough and now they feel it is their turn. As a father, I absolutely understand that you want to be there for your children all the time and give them everything.  But you do not have to wait that long for little enhancements”
Today there are many “Non-Surgical”, or small in office procedures that do not require anesthesia and have none to very little downtime. They can help to fight the obvious frown lines, get rid of that always tired looking face, the dark circles under your eyes, rejuvenate your skin in your face and cleavage, do something against hair fall, help with sagging cheeks and jowls and even tighten your breasts.

The options begin from Anti-wrinkle injections and Fillers and include Plasma treatment, also dubbed as the Vampire Facelift or Thread lifts.
Among the most sought after small surgical procedures are liposuction and eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty as it is also called, is a 30 minutes day-surgery procedure with a few days recovery to help you against looking tired. “As a plastic surgeon, I think it is a compliment when my patients tell me that they are being asked what they did but no one noticed that they actually had a procedure. Some treatments can do exactly that.”

Liposuction has undergone a tremendous change in the last years. “As plastic surgeons we have learned about the amazing potential of fat tissue. Most of us consider it as something you want to get rid of. But it is actually very useful it as it has many stem cells, blood vessels and other important cells giving it an enormous regenerative potential. In modern plastic surgery it can be used for breast and buttock augmentation and as a natural alternative to a filler in the face. It can enhance skin quality and is even used to treat chronic wounds or joint problems. We are not just taking it away and putting it somewhere else, we have very different protocols for washing and refining the fat depending whether you want a larger volume transfer or just a superficial improvement of skin. This can even be combined in one procedure.”

If you’re afraid of scars, there are new methods that can rival the classic Mommy Makeover, normally the combination of a breast lift, a tummy tuck and further procedures with much less downtime and almost no scars. Plastic Surgery is not just about Aesthetics and looking beautiful, on the contrary. A large portion of the training is spent on reconstructive surgeries like tumor reconstructions or scar corrections.  Many of these techniques have become part of the daily routine. Today there are solutions for the unsightly or even painful C-Section scar or the skin bulge that exercise just cannot help you with.

The big take home message for you is: There are many options for small and large improvements. Choose wisely with the help of your Plastic Surgeon. Plastic Surgery should not be a risk and keep you away from living the life you want to live – it should help you to do exactly just that. And remember that a small step can be a little help along the way or the beginning of a big change.