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Leading the charge since 2022, Ms Kimberley Pierce commands the operations at King’s College Hospital London, Dubai, as its Chief Executive Officer. Drawing on her impressive tenure as the CEO of a foremost private hospital group in Australia, she brings an internationally recognised prowess for balancing clinical imperatives with fiscal realities. Her unique approach, born from her hands-on experience in the healthcare trenches, has earned her global acclaim for turning around underperforming hospitals in Australia and the UK.

Ms Pierce’s healthcare leadership repertoire spans decades and continents, but her most distinctive trait is the perspective she brings, cultivated during her foundational years as a Registered Nurse in England. She embarked on her path with nurse’s training in Portsmouth and a postgraduate degree in Cardiac Nursing in Nottingham. From there, she ascended the leadership ladder, taking on roles as a Director of Nursing and Chief Nurse in Australia before entering the C-suite in South Africa, London, and Australia.

Before taking the reins at King’s, she showcased her leadership expertise as the CEO of a private hospital in London and later at Ramsay Healthcare in Australia. There, she notably led the development of a state-of-the-art greenfield hospital with 350 beds and 12 operating theatres, a testament to her formidable capabilities in strategic planning and execution.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Kings, Ms Pierce has made an indelible impact. She has deftly navigated the complexities of the role, introduced fresh perspectives, and driven significant transformation within the organisation. Her blend of empathetic leadership and strategic vision has inspired the staff, created a more resilient infrastructure, and fostered a patient-centric culture that ensures the delivery of top-tier healthcare services. Through her leadership, Ms Pierce is steering King’s towards an impactful future to become a leading force in healthcare.


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