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Mr Hari Das, a dedicated and committed Human Resources Management Professional, became integral to the King’s community in 2018. With 25 years of remarkable work exposure in the Gulf and India, he has solidified his position as a healthcare strategy planner, policy developer, and total-reward system expert.

Mr Das has orchestrated and developed Human Resources Departments for various business groups throughout his career. He has formulated, implemented, and monitored HR policies under corporate standards and UAE Labour Law. His impactful legacy includes leading HR in commissioning 20 greenfield healthcare projects in the UAE. His tenure has also spanned companies such as the Emirates Healthcare Group and Anglo Arabian Healthcare Investments.

He has a rich academic background to match his professional experience, comprising an impressive range of qualifications from esteemed institutions in the UK, the USA, and India.

As Chief People Officer at King’s, Mr Das has emphasised recruiting, nurturing, and retaining a diverse and top-talented workforce, embodying the cultural values of diversity, equality, and inclusion. His leadership emphasises fostering unmatched professional development, and his strong work ethic has set King’s apart in the competitive healthcare sector, making it efficient in managing costs and generating revenue. His innovative approach to HR has enhanced the employee experience and played a key role in our overall success. Mr Hari Das continues to inspire our people-focused vision.


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