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Dr. Murtaza concluded his Master’s degree in Otolaryngology and was awarded a Gold Medal in the field, from Gandhi Medical College, Barkatullah University, India, in 2009. He has a rich clinical and surgical experience, gained over past 7 years in UAE, working at reputed medical facilities.

He has worked and had intensive training as a Clinical Associate and Specialist, for the last 5 years at American Hospital Dubai. He also has been leading as Program Director, in organizing the largest ENT Conference and training workshops in the Middle East for the last 5 years.

He is skilled in diagnosing and managing general & specific ENT conditions in adults & children with expertise in Fibre optic diagnostic nose & throat endoscopic procedure.  Key areas he treats include:

  • General paediatric & adult – ENT cases
  • Nasal allergies, Sinus problems, Eustachian tube dysfunctions
  • Vertigo, Tinnitus & Hearing problems

He is also GCAA approved ENT Aeromedical specialist who is certified to carry out special related, aviation medical examinations & treatment, such as those required by air traffic controllers, pilots and cabin crew.

Need to see an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor? Dr. Murtaza Najmi is one of Dubai’s leading Otorhinolaryngology, ENT experts, with decades of experience. He can help with the full range of ear, nose & throat problems. His specialities also cover Hoarse voice & Laryngeal disorders; neck swellings; snoring in children & adults; sleep apnoea management in all age groups; recurrent ear infections, snoring, mouth breathing & hearing problems in children; recurrent tonsillitis, & enlarged adenoids; allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic headache, postnasal drip, Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Common surgeries performed by him – Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, grommet insertions, Balloon Eustachian tuboplasty, deviated nasal septum surgery (septoplasty), turbinectomy, etc.

Make an appointment to see Dr. Murtaza Najmi at King’s Jumeirah Medical Centre.

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