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Breast Cancer Support Group in Dubai |
King's College Hospital

King’s College Hospital London in Dubai Breast Cancer Support Group to Provide Comprehensive After-Treatment Care

This invaluable support group aims to ensure that all individuals who have been affected by breast cancer whether they received treatment at the hospital or are part of the community, have access to the support they require on their journey towards recovery.

Upon completing their treatment many breast cancer patients often find themselves lacking the resources and emotional support needed for their ongoing well-being. With its commitment to providing patient care, King’s College Hospital Dubai seeks to bridge this gap through its dedicated Breast Cancer Support Group. This group will serve as a platform for patients to connect with fellow survivors and experts in various fields.

Attendees of the one or two monthly gathering meetups will have a chance to share their own experiences, find comfort in knowing that they are not alone, and connect with professionals from the Breast Unit at King’s College Hospital Dubai. These gatherings, which can also take the form of activities, provide a supportive environment where participants can engage in various interactive talks. Specialists, including psychologists, breast care nurses, dieticians and breast surgeons will provide insights and guidance.

To mark the launch of this initiative, King’s College Hospital London in Dubai will be hosting its first gathering for this support group on Saturday 28thOctobor, 2023. During this event patients will get an opportunity to personally meet the team of experts. The event will feature a casual chat session, an evening brunch, and networking opportunities with individuals who have faced similar challenges.

The Breast Cancer Support Group at King’s College Hospital Dubai will serve as a beacon of hope, strength, and empowerment for all breast cancer patients. By offering a holistic support system, the hospital is dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the comprehensive care they require even after their treatment is complete.

The ownership of this meeting is you, the patients!