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Mammogram Screening in Dubai |
Breast Ultrasound and Mammogram Screening

Early detection of breast cancer allows for a successful treatment, which in turn can save lives. Breast screening is recommended to be done routinely, which is decided upon based on the patient’s age and risk factors. During a breast screening, the doctor uses different methods like a breast ultrasound or/and mammogram to detect breast cancer or any other abnormalities to the breasts. These include breast lumps, rashes, or any changes to the breast tissue.

Breast Screening Techniques

Other than a physical self-breast exam which is recommended on a regular basis, other common breast screening techniques include a mammography and ultrasound.


Mammography is one of the most commonly used techniques of breast cancer screening. During a mammogram, the doctor takes images of the breasts using x-ray in order to detect any abnormalities even before a tumour or breast lump can be physically felt or seen with the naked eye.

A mammogram is usually recommended based on certain factors and risks involved. For instance, it is recommended to be done once a year for women 40 years and above, who may not be at risk of breast cancer. As for women who are at a higher risk of breast cancer, the doctor would determine how often they can have a mammogram.

Mammogram results are either abnormal, which means some abnormality has been detected, which requires further diagnosis, or normal, which means nothing peculiar has been detected. However, abnormal results don’t mean that a woman has breast cancer.

At King’s, we use 3D Mammography (called tomosynthesis), an advanced X-ray technique to screen for early signs of breast cancer in asymptomatic women.  Multiple images of the breast are taken which are combined by a computer into a 3-D image of the entire breast.

Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound is a diagnostic test for breast cancer that uses sound waves to capture images of breast tissue. Unlike a mammogram, an ultrasound doesn’t use radiation, and it’s considered safe for women who want to avoid radiation-based imaging tests, for instance women who are pregnant.

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At King’s College Hospital London Dubai, our Breast Care Clinic caters to most types of breast cancers. For more information on breast cancer and breast care, book an appointment below.


The best mammogram center in Dubai is at King’s College Hospital London as we are equipped for early detection of breast cancer with digital mammography.