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Tissue Viability Service
Tissue Viability Specialist in Dubai

Tissue viability service includes:

    • Assessment of skin and wounds
    • Dressing change
    • Dressing and product selection
    • Post-operative wound care and dressing change
    • Stoma care
      • Full assessment of skin
      • Stoma product selection and fitting
      • Education
    • PEG site assessment and dressing change
    • Tracheostomy site assessment and dressing change
    • VAC negative pressure dressing specialist service for complex wound management
    • Anal Fistula
    • Perianal abscess
    • Managing wound infections
    • Wound management for burns
    • Leg ulcers
    • Diabetic foot ulcers
    • Managing existing pressure injuries
      • Ongoing pressure injury management as well as advising on other treatment modalities
    • Pressure relieving devices – Bed bound patients or those patients with limited mobility or poor nutrition are often at a high risk of developing a pressure injury. Our nurses can assess for that risk and advise on measures for prevention of pressure injury. For example, a dietician review, heel protection boots, pressure relieving cushions or air mattress hire.  Please enquire for more devices we can offer, and your nurse can guide you also.