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Certified Newborn First Aid Course

The certificated first aid course for Newborns, offered by the American Safety and Health Institute and Kings College Hospital, is a certificated course designed for parents and nannies, and anyone who cares for Newborns.

The course is made up of 3 classes – Dates to be discussed.

Price: AED 975

  • The course can also be delivered to Nannies in Tagalog language for an additional cost of AED 495, specifically for nannies with an extra segment for their defined roles.
  • Additionally, based on distinct roles, the course is held separately for nannies, which means they won’t be in the same class as the ones provided to parents.

Week 1: First Aid for the Newborns (Certificated)

  • How to recognise a concern
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Common First Aid problems in a newborn
  • Questions & Answers

Led by a licenced advanced life support Instructor and Senior Midwives

Week 2: General Baby Care and Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Baby Safe

  • Sleep routines
  • Temperature control
  • Breast feeding, Bottle & Mixed (Common feeding issues)
  • How to prevent nappy rash
  • How to manage Colic in a newborn

Led by Senior Midwives

Week 3: A Baby Massage Session When Your Baby is 2 Weeks Old covering: –

  • How to manage colic through baby massage
  • How to do relaxing massage techniques on a Newborn to assist with night-time sleeping

Led by a qualified baby massage teacher

Why You Should Take the Newborn First Aid Course

This first aid course is highly recommended for anyone who cares for Newborns. It is beneficial to learn these life-saving skills because:

  • You will learn a new set of skills that will protect your Newborn in case of an emergency
  • You will learn how to recognise and manage a range of Newborn-related illnesses and other discomforts
  • You will have expert knowledge on how to remain calm in a crisis involving your Newborn
  • You will gain the self-confidence needed to handle at-home first aid situations
  • You will gain more understanding on how you to keep your Newborn safe by understanding the non-obvious hazards in your home
  • You will be well equipped for general Newborn care
  • You will be able to differentiate between normal Newborn behaviour and what is not normal