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Joint Pain Treatment
Best Joint Pain Doctors in Dubai

Joint pain is usually more common in people who are either old or have suffered from an injury that hurt their joints. In some cases, joint pain can also be a symptom of osteoarthritis and thereof should be taken seriously. The most common joint of the body that is diagnosed with pain is mostly knee. People can hurt knee while playing a game outdoors, falling down the stairs etc.

As the knee takes the full weight of your body, it is more prone to have pain. It also needs to be noted that not every knee pain comes under the category of joint pain. When an individual falls on a hard surface, thin layer of tissues that line the joints and tendons can become inflamed. This results in pain in the joints. Joint pain can hinder your daily activities like walking, using your hands etc.

If, after an injury, you have bleeding from your joints – it is important to consult an experienced doctor start the necessary treatment.

At King’s Pain Management Clinic, our expert doctors scan the joint where you are suffering from pain to understand the cause behind it. Once the cause is diagnosed, they recommend appropriate treatments to relieve you of the pain.

Some of the treatment offered include:

  • Physiotherapy and advice on the right exercise program for your pain.
  • Joint injection under ultrasound guidance to relieve pain.
  • Nerve blocks for shoulder, hip and knee pain.
  • Radio-frequency treatment for Shoulder, hip and knee joints.

Referral to surgery when appropriate