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Pediatric Speech Therapy Department

Welcome to King’s College Hospital Dubai’s Pediatric Speech Therapy department, where we help children overcome communication and swallowing disorders. Our team of speech-language pathologists are dedicated to providing individualized therapy programs to improve speech, language, and communication skills in children of all ages.  

We help children with: 

  • Overcoming speech delays
  • Understanding spoken language and following instructions
  • Articulation disorders, pronouncing specific sounds and improving speech clarity
  • Stuttering and achieving smooth speech
  • Language disorders and expressing their thoughts and ideas clearly through spoken language
  • Navigating social situations and engaging in meaningful conversations to establish and maintain relationships

Read more about our Speech Therapy offerings.

If your child is experiencing challenges with communication, contact us to schedule an evaluation with one of our pediatric speech therapists. Let us help your child communicate effectively and enjoy mealtimes with confidence.