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Best Breast Surgery in Dubai
Breast Surgery Dubai

Cosmetic Surgery of the Breast

Cosmetic surgery of the breast, also known as mammoplasty, refers to elective surgical procedures of the breast performed by a plastic or breast surgeon to enhance the breasts. This includes improving the aesthetic appeal, proportion and symmetry of the breasts and overall body contour.

At King’s College Hospital London in Dubai, we have leading European-trained and board-certified plastic and aesthetic breast surgeons in the region, who come with decades of combined experience.

Our experts use the latest cosmetic breast surgery techniques, which are evidence-based and yield natural results with shorter downtime.  The procedures are performed at the King’s Dubai state-of-the-art facilities, where both our medical and non-medical staff focus on patient care and comfort.

Breast Surgery Options at King’s

At King’s breast surgery department, our plastic and cosmetic breast surgeons perform a number of breast surgery procedures which include:

  • Breast augmentation: Also known augmentation mammoplasty, the procedure’s main goal is to add volume to the breasts. This can be done with the use of autologous fat transfer, silicone or saline breast implants, or a combination of both in a procedure known hybrid breast augmentation.
  • Breast reduction: Known as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction surgery aims at surgically reducing the size of the breasts. This is commonly done when larger and heavy breasts cause significant discomfort which includes back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. During this procedure, excess tissue and skin are removed, and the nipple is sometimes repositioned.
  • Breast Reconstruction: This procedure is mostly done for women who have undergone partial or full mastectomy after breast cancer. The surgery involves the use of a woman’s own tissue harvested from a different area of the body like the lower abdominal wall, or with the use of implants. Sometimes a combination of both may techniques may be required. During the procedure, the breast shape, contour and size is recreated, in addition to the areola and nipple. Breast reconstruction can be done immediately after the mastectomy or can be delayed for a later date (delayed reconstruction).
  • Breast lift: Known as mastopexy, a breast lift surgery seeks to remove excess skin from the breast. This is usually performed when there is too much skin tissue compared to breast tissue, which leads the breasts to sag. Sagging breasts usually occur after drastic weight loss.
  • Gynecomastia Surgery: Gynecomastia occurs when men or boys have excess breast tissue or swollen breasts. This male breast growth is usually triggered by hormone imbalance, thyroid problems, obesity or some medications just to name a few. Gynecomastia surgery seeks to remove these excess breast tissue or fat, which leaves the patient with a more muscular chest.

At King’s College Hospital London in Dubai, our board-certified plastic surgeons and breast surgeons tailor-make every procedure to fit each patient for the best and most natural outcome. To book your appointment, get in touch through the form below.


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