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Liver Centre in Dubai

The Liver Centre at King’s College Hospital Dubai Offers an Exclusive Package Designed to pick up early Liver and Pancreas Cancers

Did you know that the incidence of Liver & Pancreatic Cancer in the Middle East is 8% of all Cancers? It is important to diagnose these cancers early as successful outcomes after treatment is dependent on early diagnosis.

Liver and Pancreatic Cancer Check-up Package For AED 24,000

King’s Liver Centre in Dubai provides a comprehensive package of tests including scans and a clinic appointment with a Senior Specialist visiting from King’s College Hospital London, UK that is aimed at picking up such early liver and pancreatic cancers.

The package includes:

Consultation with a Senior Specialist LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) Hepatitis B Surface
CT Lung Cancer Screening Blood Urea Nitrogen, Serum
CT Abdomen and Pelvis w/o Contrast Complete Blood Count/Auto Diff
Electrolytes Panel Ca -19.9
Lipid Panel Antibody (Anto Hbs) Hepatitis B Core Total Anibody
Hepatic Function Panel Hep C Abs
Alpha Fetoprotein Hep Bs Ag
CEA-Carcino Embryonic Antigen PRSS1 (Full Gene Sequencing)
Creatinine, Serum SPINK1 (Full Gene Sequencing)
Hemoglobin A1c, Blood Autommune Subclass 4

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer can occur anywhere in the liver. The most common type of liver cancer is the one that spreads to the liver from other distant sites such as the colon, lung or breast and is known as metastatic liver cancer.

Liver cancer that arises in the liver first is called hepatocellular carcinoma and it commonly occurs in people suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. Primary Liver cancers can also develop within the bile ducts of the liver, and these are called cholangiocarcinoma.

Surveillance of patients with cirrhosis is important to detect early primary liver cancers. Patients being treated for cancers of the bowel, breast, lung should be carefully followed up regularly to diagnose early metastatic liver cancers.

Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas is an organ in the back of the top part of your tummy. It helps you digest your food and makes hormones, such as insulin. Pancreatic cancer is generally a very aggressive type of cancer that can occur anywhere in the pancreas.

The risk factors are old age, chronic smoking, family history, chronic pancreatitis and can also occur in the young and healthy without any known risk factors.

Pancreatic cancers are notoriously asymptomatic, and patients can present with non-specific symptoms such as vague abdominal pain, indigestion, loose stools, weight loss, lack of appetite, jaundice, itching and onset of diabetes.

Pancreatic cancer is considered one of the most difficult cancers to detect and is often diagnosed in its later stages. Successful treatment of pancreatic cancer depends on early diagnosis, where it is in the pancreas, how big it is, if it has spread, and your general health.

Liver Transplant Assessment at King’s College Hospital Dubai

The Liver Centre at King’s College Hospital London in Dubai works very closely with King’s College Hospital London, UK, in providing Liver Transplantation Services for patients with chronic liver disease and acute liver failure. Patients requiring liver transplantation will have an assessment performed at King’s College Hospital Dubai and will be assessed by Senior Specialists from London and will then be transferred to London for the procedure. The patient can then return to King’s College Hospital Dubai for post-operative care and and long term follow up.

For further information and appointments, please contact our clinic coordinator on 050 384 1208 or email


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