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Ankle Pain & Injuries

Ankle pain and injuries are discomforts affecting the ankle and can involve injury or inflammation to any of the structures in this area such as muscles, joints, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, joint space or bones. They mostly occur during sports activities.

Types of Ankle Pain and Injuries

At King’s our Orthopaedic Department contains subspecialists for foot and ankle injuries. Some of the most common ankle injuries our specialists come across include:

  • Ankle sprains: These occur when the ligaments in the ankle become excessively stretched and can sometimes partially tear or completely tear.
  • Ankle fractures: Ankle fractures occur when there is breakage of the ankle bone. The facture of the ankle can either be a clean breakage, the ankle bone can become cracked or it can shatter into small pieces.

Causes of Ankle Pain and Injuries

Ankle pain and injuries are caused by stressing the ankle joint beyond its elements and this can occur when:

  • Twisting or rotating the ankle from side to side
  • Rolling of the ankle in and out
  • Applying extreme force to the ankle joint such as landing on it from a high level
  • Extending or flexing the ankle joint
  • Falling or tripping
  • Walking or running on uneven surface

Symptoms of Ankle Pain and Injuries

Symptoms of ankle pain and injuries include:

  • Pain at the ankle
  • Swelling at the ankle
  • Tenderness at the ankle
  • Inability to walk
  • Inability to bear weight at the ankle
  • A tear or pop can sometime be felt at the time of the injury
  • Bruised skin

Treatment of Ankle Pain and Injuries

King’s Foot & Ankle Clinic specialises in treating all types of ankle pain and ankle injuries. The treatment options for ankle pain and ankle injuries depends on the cause and severity of the injury.

At King’s our team of board-certified specialists in ankle pain and ankle injuries offer tailored management and treatment of your condition and are always available to answer any questions that you might have regarding your particular condition. Whatever you need us for, we’re only a phone-call away.