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King’s Pediatric Program

The Pediatric Program at King’s College Hospital Dubai

At King’s College Hospital Dubai, we understand that navigating the healing journey for children, or as we think of them, heroes, can be challenging and scary for our littlest patients. That is why we prioritize the care and well-being of our little heroes and provide the best patient experience possible.

Our Pediatric Program is designed to make their journey with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, enhancing their experience every step of the way.

Our Program Features:

  1. Dedicated Pediatric Emergency: Led by consultant pediatricians, our Pediatric Emergency ensures swift and specialized treatment.
  2. Dedicated Pediatric Nurses and Inpatient Areas: Our compassionate nursing staff and beautifully decorated inpatient areas, including a cozy nursery section.
  3. Special Events and Workshops: Engaging events and workshops throughout the year, including support groups.
  4. Special Kids Menu: Healthy meal options including kid’s meal boxes.
  5. Child Wellness Resources: An online hub of educational materials on our website provides health tips, preventive care guidance, and advice on cultivating a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Child Safety and Injury Prevention Videos: Educational videos on our website promote child safety and well-being.
  7. Entertainment Robot: A friendly robot companion for little heroes, providing entertainment with activities like dancing, storytelling, and singing during their hospital stay.
  8. Telemedicine Services: Convenient access to healthcare through virtual consultations, ensuring continuous care for your child.

Our Promise:

From the moment your little hero steps into our hospital, we strive to make their visit as pleasant and peaceful as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing comfort and care, including special encouragement stickers, bravery certificates, and heartfelt interactions with our nurses and doctors.

If your child needs medical attention or you are interested to know more about King’s Pediatric Program, do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is ready to help!