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Healthy Heart Screening Package 
Best Heart Screening Package in Dubai


At the core of athleticism is heart health, and Kings College Hospital Dubai is pleased to offer the new Healthy Heart Screening Package. This comprehensive promotion is designed for athletes so they can go the distance. The package includes:

Consultation – meet with our world class cardiologists for a thorough examination, identifying your unique needs.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) – get a full evaluation of the components of your blood. This will help identify harmful issues like anemia, clotting disorders, or problems with the body’s infection fighting system.

CT Angio Coronary Artery – using state of the art equipment, our specialists will check the blood flow from the arteries to the heart to diagnose and/or prevent a variety of diseases.

Creatinine – our physicians will measure how well your kidneys are functioning and filtering waste from your blood.




Dr. Mehmood (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist), Dr. Omar Hallak (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist), Dr. Jose Carlos Moreno Samos (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist), Dr. Layla Al Marzooqi (Specialist Cardiologist & Aeromedical Examiner) and Dr. Ali K Moussavi (Specialist Cardiologist) are considered the best Cardiologists in Dubai.