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Levodopa / Duodopa Infusion Therapy

Avoiding The Risks Posed by Oral Parkinson’s Medications

According to experts in Parkinson’s Disease management and treatment of its symptoms, to avoid these risks posed by Parkinson’s oral medications, which also tend to cause on and off movement fluctuations, a different kind of therapy is adopted.

The goal of this therapy is to achieve a straight line, which means continuous drug delivery, and continuous dopaminergic stimulation (stimulation of the brain chemical known as Dopamine, which is responsible for movement). This is accomplished through the use of non-oral infusion therapies, which include:

Duodopa / Levodopa Infusion

Duodopa / Levodopa, also known as L-dopa, is the first Parkinson’s Disease modality of treatment, and its goal is of replenishing Dopamine levels. It comes in a gel form, which is given through an extension tube (PEGJ) which goes directly to the Jejunum, which is the second part of the small intestine. This means that this extension tube bypasses the stomach and the duodenum where a lot of gastric enzymes are secreted and hydrochloric acid release occurs, which can interfere with the Levodopa infusion therapy.

The Levodopa infusion therapy provides continuous Dopamine delivery to the brain and avoids any movement and non-movement fluctuations.

Patient Testimonials

The Parkinson’s infusion therapy programme at King’s Dubai is operated by the same multidisciplinary team of UK Parkinson’s Experts who operate the infusion programme in London.

Video 1 – Watch the recovery of  Deeksha Raja, a patient from the UK who due to the COVID-19 pandemic was not able to return to the UK. Who blood pressure became dangerously low but now she enjoys a new lease of life thanks to Duodopa Infusion Therapy in Dubai

Video 2 – Young Onset Parkinson’s Treatment. A patient from the Philippines, wheel chair bound and suffering from Young Onset Parkinson’s, receives Duodopa Infusion Treatment in Dubai at King’s College Hospital.

Video 3 – A patient from India travels to Dubai for Duodopa Infusion Therapy.  They arrive in Dubai wheel chair bound but are soon able to walk again following their infusion treatment at King’s College Hospital Dubai.

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