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Unexplained Fatigue Clinic

Unexplained Fatigue Clinic

Fatigue is described as a constant or lingering feeling of tiredness, which is not uncommon. This state of being can be as a result of many factors, both known and unknown. In many cases, fatigue is usually mistaken with feeling drowsy or sleepy, however, these are just some of the symptoms of the condition.

Unexplained fatigue occurs when you don’t know what is causing this sensation. In many cases, most people can tell if their fatigue is serious or not especially when it is unexplained or lasts for more than two weeks. At this point, you may require medical intervention to pinpoint the cause, which can lead to finding the best possible way to resolve it.

Unexplained Fatigue – When You Should See a Doctor

There are a number of factors which can lead to unexplained fatigue and may require you to visit a healthcare professional. These include:

  • Waking up overly tired even though you had sufficient sleep
  • You don’t know what is causing you to feel overly exhausted
  • Your fatigue keeps getting worse and has lasted for more than two weeks
  • Your fatigue is accompanied by symptoms such as fever and loss of appetite among others
  • You are struggling to do activities that used to be easy
  • You constantly feel demotivated and lack the energy to partake in your daily activities

What Happens During Your Visit to the Doctor?

If you eventually make the decision to visit King’s Unexplained Fatigue Clinic we will have to make a definitive diagnosis so as to know the root cause of your fatigue, which is vital in recommending the right treatment approach.

During your visit to the doctor will take an holistic approach to assess your full medical history, mental health and you will likely need to do some blood and urine tests to see if the fatigue is as a result of unknown underlying conditions like underactive or overactive thyroid, anaemia, Vitamin D deficiency, or inflammation of the liver among others.